How to clean your hardwood floors

For people who are curious as to how to clean hardwood floors, certain reminders need to be kept in mind. While cleanliness is the primary objective, it is also necessary to maintain the quality of the floor and ensure that the process used will not be damaging. Cost is also a consideration, and there is usually a compromise when cheaper cleaning agents are used. Here are some tips that may be helpful:
When cleaning surface sealed-floors, you should never use oils and waxes. Instead of cleaning the surface, it will result in a slippery floor and may lead to accidents. Using straight ammonia or abrasive cleaners, on the other hand, may end up scratching the finish. Instead, use a floor-cleaning item that is recommended by a professional floor finisher. Often, a professional knows how to clean hardwood floors in the most effective way.
Cleaning the floor with soap and water is a more cost effective way of cleaning your hardwood floor. Avoid using water alone, or even a combination of water and vinegar, because it will result in a dull looking surface that will make it accumulate dirt faster.
High traffic areas should be cleaned regularly by sweeping it daily and mopping at least once a week. A damp mop is preferred over a soaking one, as water is known to damage wood. Areas that are not often used or visited may be cleaned less often.
A commercial cleaner is usually needed to get rid of stains that are caused by food or grease. Cleaning it with water may not get you the results you wish for, and it may be a better option to spend a little on specialty products. For spilled grease, another way is to congeal it by using a frozen item, and then carefully scraping the hardened material from the floor. Wiping it off immediately may cause the grease to spread and may make it more difficult to clean.
Scuff marks may be removed by wiping the surface with a damp sponge with baking soda. Another option would be to use a pencil eraser on them.
Stains caused by dye may be hard to eliminate, but wiping the floor with a bleach solution may just do the trick. You have to be really careful not to soak an entire area though, or you may make things worse instead of better.
Oil spills will also make you wonder how to clean hardwood floors. It may be cleaned using paper towels. Once you are able to soak off as much oil as possible, clean it up with a detergent.
A professional’s help may be needed in order to get rid of more difficult stains such as rust or dark spots. This may also be the only option for stains that cover a significant portion of the floor.
How To Clean Hardwood FloorsProtection and maintenance is very important in order to avoid the need for extensive repairs or costly cleaning bills. To avoid natural damage from the sun, it may be a good idea to have window treatments to filter the sun-rays. Scuffing may be avoided by being extra careful when moving objects around. Furniture legs should be covered with flannel protectors to avoid damage marks and to avoid the problem of how to clean hardwood floors.
A coat of polyurethane finish may give additional protection to wooden floors, although this would give the floor a shiny finish. A regular coat of floor wax is also a good way of protecting the surface from damage and scratches. Finally, floor mats placed in strategic locations such as entry points and exit points will do wonders for the house. Wiping off small particles of sand or dirt may reduce the possibility of tiny scratches that could grow worse over time. Having a floor mat in locations that are prone to water splashes, such as bathroom doors and near kitchen sinks, will also reduce the chances of floor damage due to spills. Use mats that are specially designed for hardwood finishes, and avoid using rubber mats or rugs that are not ventilated.
Your floor may make or break the overall presentation of your house. You may have a big mansion filled with beautiful things, but having a dirty or stained floor will make all of that seem irrelevant. Knowing how to clean hardwood floors and how to maintain its quality is very important, and it will be a reflection of you as a house owner.


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