How to clean your hardwood floors

For people who are curious as to how to clean hardwood floors, certain reminders need to be kept in mind. While cleanliness is the primary objective, it is also necessary to maintain the quality of the floor and ensure that the process used will not be damaging. Cost is also a consideration, and there is usually a compromise when cheaper cleaning agents are used. Here are some tips that may be helpful:
When cleaning surface sealed-floors, you should never use oils and waxes. Instead of cleaning the surface, it will result in a slippery floor and may lead to accidents. Using straight ammonia or abrasive cleaners, on the other hand, may end up scratching the finish. Instead, use a floor-cleaning item that is recommended by a professional floor finisher. Often, a professional knows how to clean hardwood floors in the most effective way.
Cleaning the floor with soap and water is a more cost effective way of cleaning your hardwood floor. Avoid using water alone, or even a combination of water and vinegar, because it will result in a dull looking surface that will make it accumulate dirt faster.
High traffic areas should be cleaned regularly by sweeping it daily and mopping at least once a week. A damp mop is preferred over a soaking one, as water is known to damage wood. Areas that are not often used or visited may be cleaned less often.
A commercial cleaner is usually needed to get rid of stains that are caused by food or grease. Cleaning it with water may not get you the results you wish for, and it may be a better option to spend a little on specialty products. For spilled grease, another way is to congeal it by using a frozen item, and then carefully scraping the hardened material from the floor. Wiping it off immediately may cause the grease to spread and may make it more difficult to clean.
Scuff marks may be removed by wiping the surface with a damp sponge with baking soda. Another option would be to use a pencil eraser on them.
Stains caused by dye may be hard to eliminate, but wiping the floor with a bleach solution may just do the trick. You have to be really careful not to soak an entire area though, or you may make things worse instead of better.
Oil spills will also make you wonder how to clean hardwood floors. It may be cleaned using paper towels. Once you are able to soak off as much oil as possible, clean it up with a detergent.
A professional’s help may be needed in order to get rid of more difficult stains such as rust or dark spots. This may also be the only option for stains that cover a significant portion of the floor.
How To Clean Hardwood FloorsProtection and maintenance is very important in order to avoid the need for extensive repairs or costly cleaning bills. To avoid natural damage from the sun, it may be a good idea to have window treatments to filter the sun-rays. Scuffing may be avoided by being extra careful when moving objects around. Furniture legs should be covered with flannel protectors to avoid damage marks and to avoid the problem of how to clean hardwood floors.
A coat of polyurethane finish may give additional protection to wooden floors, although this would give the floor a shiny finish. A regular coat of floor wax is also a good way of protecting the surface from damage and scratches. Finally, floor mats placed in strategic locations such as entry points and exit points will do wonders for the house. Wiping off small particles of sand or dirt may reduce the possibility of tiny scratches that could grow worse over time. Having a floor mat in locations that are prone to water splashes, such as bathroom doors and near kitchen sinks, will also reduce the chances of floor damage due to spills. Use mats that are specially designed for hardwood finishes, and avoid using rubber mats or rugs that are not ventilated.
Your floor may make or break the overall presentation of your house. You may have a big mansion filled with beautiful things, but having a dirty or stained floor will make all of that seem irrelevant. Knowing how to clean hardwood floors and how to maintain its quality is very important, and it will be a reflection of you as a house owner.

Robotic vacuum cleaner

hardwood floor vacuum

robotic vacuum cleaner or a robovac can make life easier for you if you have a busy schedule that gets in the way of housework. You can get get the full clean of a regular canister or vacuum, but in a more automated manner. If you need a helping hand to keep your floors clean, then iRobot Roomba 880 is one of the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

Main Features

  1. Compact Design

The Roomba 880 is in the shape of a large circular puck with a large Clean button, a couple of touch- sensitive buttons to program its schedule, and a flip-up handle in the center.

  1. Virtual Wall Lighthouses

It comes with two black, small Virtual Wall Lighthouses, which can be set to Virtual Wall mode or to Lighthouse mode. What this means is that it is capable of moving between rooms but can also be prevented from cross a virtual boundary as well. The Virtual Wall Lighthouse can also be put in a Virtual Halo accessory that will prevent the Roomba from bumping into objects.

  1. Multiple Controls

This robotic vacuum cleaner can be directly guided using the remote control it comes with. The remote has a very comfortable rubber circle, which is actually a direction controller. This vacuum cleaner also comes with a larger Wireless Command Center, which also has distinct direction buttons that can be used to get the Roomba 880 into small areas easily.

  1. Automated Vacuuming

The Clean button on its body can be pressed to turn it on, and start vacuuming a room automatically. This vacuum cleaner can be directed to different places with the help of the remote control, Virtual Wall Lighthouses, and Wireless Command Center.

  1. Brushless Intake system

A new brushless intake is featured by the Roomba 880 sports, so tangles will not occur when it is vacuuming and its suction will also increase. 50% more dirt can be removed by the Roomba 880, and 60% more dirt can be held in its bin, and it is also 5 times more powerful that its predecessors.

The Roomba 880 is capable of vacuum rather impressively and has many useful features. The new brushless system will be particularly worth it for those who have pets that shed. Even though an effort may have to be made to steer it, it is astonishingly convenient and easy to use and is unexpectedly powerful.

Customer Reviews

A majority of customers agree that having this Roomba 880 robotic vacuum cleaner is definitely worth it and most of those who are currently using it have fallen in love with it. Interestingly, even when this vacuum cleaner bumps into objects, it is always gentle and automatically redirects itself, although a few consider its movement a bit absurd. Some customers have felt that the rubber controller on the remote could have been more comfortable, and so they prefer using the Wireless Command Center.

Where To Buy ?

Regardless of its size, the Roomba 880 is a very powerful robotic vacuum cleaner. Anyone can control and schedule it to fit their needs. Even tangles can be avoided thanks to its brushless design. Even though it looks much like the Roomba 790 that came before it, the upgrades certainly make it worth having. Therefore, there is nothing better than to shop for the Roomba 880 online within the comfort of home.

Vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors

vacuum for hardwood floorsNow a day vacuum cleaner is becoming popular for hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are very costly and for this cause you always treasure trove a growing style of hardwood vacuums being marketed to you left and right. There are too many different styles models being introduced into the market every year that searching the best one for your home is starting to become a long. Best vacuum for hardwood floors are beautiful, elegant and modern. They can also accumulate dust and dirt quit easily and quickly. At first you have to sure you have the right kind of vacuum. After that you will quickly clean up your masses, while still leaving your hardwood floors bright clean.

Vacuum cleaner is very important, because feet hiking over dust and grit will scuff and dull your floor’s surface, and dirty seams are more likely to crack. And it is very comfortable to use. Most of the upright vacuum domestic models designed to work best on carpet with a rotating brush. Another features such as an on/off lever, pedal, or button. So that you can disengage the whirling brush when you want to vacuum bare floors surfaces.

Alongside this, a vacuum Head or Nozzle height adjustment, so you can minor it close enough to the simple floor outside to generate what is called a venture Effect which accelerates the air flow and So it can set the dirt and wreckage in motion as well as pick it up.

The idea of a one-size-fits-all vacuum cleaner is the best choice for those of us who have numerous floor surfaces but do not want to invest in multiple vacuums cleaners intended to only work finest on one specific floor surface.

Certain of these mixture vertical vacuum replicas have separable section lines that permit you to use a diversity of additions deliberate to work on outsides like upholstery, drapes, blinds, and solid floor surfaces.

Hardwood floors are vulnerable to worry at, consequently it is vital that your vacuum have non marking neoprene steering wheel and cheaper vacuums use malleable wheels which can scrape your floors. Container vacuums have habitually been used for hardwood floors, even if you can use a straight. If you have an upright or container with a progressing beater brush, and you have to sure that your vacuum allows you to turn off the beater brush as soon as vacuuming hardwood floors as this can scrape your floors and scatter filth and dirt. By rolling brush you can also sang small rugs. Solid suction is needed for receiving dirt and dust among floor panels